Welcome to Uncle John's Flea Market

Located in Cedar Lake, IN, Uncle John's has been the key place to come buy, sell, and barter since 1978! With over 200 vendors and a location that is open year round, many find it the ideal place to spend time with family and friends looking for those special finds. Shoppers will find several barns packed with vendors that are open year round. There are also outside vendors even in December if the weather is agreeable. If you are going on the weekend during good weather, please arrive early or be prepared to spend some time looking for a parking place.

New, gently used, collector condition, and everything in between you will only find at Uncle John's Flea Market!



Find that special item you've been searching for at the best price. The vendors at Uncle John's Flea Market can't be beat.


Have a basement filled with some historic gems, a card collection you have been happily sitting on, or anything else? Become a seller! Our booths are reasonably priced and our traffic is year round.


If you are not buying and you are not selling, you most likely are looking to barter for that perfect item or stockpile to grow a collection or hobby. Uncle John's is the place to do it!

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